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Vitreo directions for use


Before beginning application, make sure painted surfaces are clean, cool and dry.

  1. Shake product well before using.
  2. Apply a moderate amount of Vitreo to a clean terry cloth towel, wax applicator pad, orbital bonnet or a foam buffing pad.
  3. By hand, cover the area to be vitrified evenly with a smooth, front to back motion.
  4. When applying with a foam pad, do not exceed 1,000 rpm.
  5. Allow to dry and polish to a crystalline shine with a clean terry cloth towel.
  6. Do not wash the vitrified surface within 24 hours.

Remember: Vitreo cures from the outside in "3 hours to the touch but allow 24 hours for full cure.


Additional coats of Vitreo achieve greater protection and a higher shine.